A Brewery Founded on the Principles
of Craft and Precision,
with an Obsession for the Details of Quality,
and a Belief in the Power of Beer
to Bring People Together.

The Approach To Brewing

We obsess over the details of quality in the creation of every one of our beers. Our approach to brewing is centered around this obsession. Our equipment is custom made to provide exactly what we need to put the most flavor in our beers.
We believe in the Power of Great Beer.

The Process

We use several unique processes to make our beers so full of flavor. With years of brewing experience, we have created some specialty brewery equipment to help introduce flavor to our beer in ways never before attempted.
Our Hop-Back allows us to add hops and other flavor additions at different times in the brewing cycle, and our custom valve system provides us with precision hand-controlled temperature regulation throughout the Brewing Process.

The Experience

We believe that “All Are Welcome” at The Vindication Brewing Company. We have done our best to create an inviting destination for you to enjoy first class Colorado beer, conversation, music and fun.
We look forward to seeing you often.

Upcoming Taproom Events

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