Imagine teaching your kid a brain storm technique that will help him enjoy his homework 10 times more! Imagine if it got him better grades AND made homework easier and more fun!
The great news is that there is such a brainstorm technique and it is very, very easy and fun to learn.

First, what do you need?

  • Big sheets of plain paper – the bigger the better!
  • Lots of bright colorful crayons or markers
  • One or more brains!

Let’s start!

  1. Draw a colorful picture in the middle of the paper of what you are brain storming.
  2. Draw lines coming away from the drawing and write one word on each of them – a key subtopic word related to the main topic
  3. Keep adding lines and words to your paper until you run out of words. Use lot of different colors
  4. Add little drawings too – to make your brain storm more interesting
  5. Once you have put down everything you know, now go to your books or on the internet and use a good search engine to find the pieces of information that you are missing, and add them to your brain storm
    1. Here’s an example:
      Once your child has used this brain storm technique you will have all the information on the topic at hand – ready for any homework assignment or essay!