As we all know that this is the time for admission and parents are very busy in finding the best school for their kids. To get the kids into best school these days is not an easy task; parents have to make their children to know certain things at very small age, as it is expected in all best schools. Getting the child into one of the best school is something which parents have to be very careful about.
Parents should start early research to find the school for their kids which suits for them best. In today’s busy schedule, it is very difficult for parents to visit schools so here is the website which offers online application forms for their choice. One can apply online in the schools of their choice on Online School Admissions help parents in time saving and it is also considering as easy submission.
After finding the school, parents should make their kids ready to face an interview. Interview is something which has become mandatory for both kids as well as parents nowadays. In interview, the school tries to observe the qualities of the child and also tries to find out whether parents can guide their kids at home or not. So, parents should be aware of this and should go for an interview well prepared in advance. While applying for the Nursery admission, parents should be very careful about the age criteria for nursery school. As state govt. has clearly announced that the minimum age criteria for admission in nursery classes from three to four years in Delhi.
On the other side, Ganguly committee had proposed in year 2007 that the age limit should be raised to four years. Ganguly committee believes that if the age limit is raised to four years, children would be emotionally, mentally and physically better prepared to start school with. Selecting best school for the kids could not be an easy thing, so we have looked at the school’s history in Vijayawada and tried to bring up the best school in the city where you can send your little ones. On the top of the list is Kennedy International Residential School. This is considering one of the best schools in the city.
The school is very well known for its education and sports excellence. Another famous school in Vijayawada is Nalanda Vidyaniketan day Cum Residential School, this school is known for providing the child’s mental as well as physical strength. Apart from these, another best school in the city includes Sri Prakash Synergy School, Global Wisdom International School, Nirmala High School, and Bhashyam Public School and so on.
When we talk about the schools and admissions, a one should not forget about Burdwan model school, this is one the best school in west Bengal. This school comes under the banner of trust called ‘Oriental Association for Education and Research.